The 6 Best Recruiting Tools – Save Time On Talent Acquisition

August 4, 2022 • Andrey Ilskiy


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As someone who has a hand in hiring decisions for your organization, it’s essential to have the right resources to choose the best employees. Having the best recruiting tools available can help streamline the hiring process and land top talent. 

While you may already be using job recruiting software, new options are available regularly. It’s important to know if you have the right recruitment tool for each task. You also want to stay abreast of companies providing apps, software, and websites that help you hire the right people.

We’ll share some of the top recruiting tools for different needs so you can ensure your job descriptions get the right eyes on them. In addition, we’ll share some of the most impressive tools for hiring employees that you should have in your arsenal. 

Choosing the Right Types of Innovative Recruiting Tools

select the best recruiting toolBefore we delve into specific recruiter tools to consider using, we want to talk about how you can save time in multiple areas using them. Essential hiring tools range from artificial intelligence offerings to assessment tools, interview platforms, and more. Implementing the right tools will ensure great hires see your job posting and get in touch with you. 

Applicant Tracking System

Many agree that the best recruitment tool you can have is an applicant tracking system (ATS). This software is used to help recruiters handle applications and resumes as they’re sent in. It’s a must for hiring and recruitment that lets you gather information, filter applicants, and organize potential employees based on their skills and experience.

Online Hiring Tools

Job boards and other methods of recruiting through online tools are also essential for hiring managers and recruiters. There are several that are well-known and function as a way to ensure your message makes it to as many people as possible. Social recruiting is another method to find those who might fit your organization. This involves the use of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

Candidate Relationship Management Software

When it comes to HR tools for recruitment, the best option is a CRM. These are used as hiring process tools to attract candidates, continually catch their attention, and ensure they remember you. Typically, a CRM is used in tandem with an APS to ensure you stay connected with prospects. It helps you build a pool of talent that you can reach out to even before you post a new position on your website.

Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly and should not be discounted when choosing the best recruitment platforms. One example can be seen in the proliferation of chatbots that can help you answer questions, schedule interviews, and get attention from those interested in your business. These can be used on social media or your company website. Many other recruiting tools also now make use of some form of AI.

Assessment Tools

Another integral recruiting application is an assessment tool. This is a great tool to use before hiring to determine the skills and abilities that applicants have. It can be combined with your knowledge of candidate experience to determine who the top person is for a particular position. The best recruitment tools can test specific skills important to your organization.

Video Interviewing Platforms

Video interviews are more common than ever, so you need to be sure you can facilitate them with ease. While it’s not the only option, it works well when you have many applicants and want to interview them from a distance for the first phases of the hiring process. Voice or text platforms are also available to ask questions and hold interviews with applicants. 

Onboarding Tools

Onboarding is one of the most important parts of the process of recruiting and retention. The way you handle it sets the stage for how an applicant views your company and can have an impact on whether they stay or look for a new position. The right onboarding software will ensure new team members are trained and ready to do their jobs. It automates the process to make life easier for everyone.

The Best Recruitment Tools for Hiring Managers

Best Recruitment ToolsNow that you know the major types of recruiting tools for employers, we want to share some options that might work for your business. Each of these is popular for recruiting potential candidates who might be a good fit for your organization. 


Everytalent offers access to a network of students and schools to find up and coming entry-level employees who have the skills that you need. Its assessment tool helps to identify candidates’ skills and aptitude before the interview process and matches them to the job criteria you specify.

Another common recruiter tool is a career fair where potential employees can learn more about your business. Everytalent offers virtual career fairs with many benefits over the ones you might be used to hosting.

A virtual platform easily allows you to communicate with talent from across the state, country, or even the globe. This gives you better sourcing opportunities. It’s also less expensive to have a career fair online – here’s no need to rent a venue and handle meals and logistics costs.


While many companies will use several job posting sites to market positions, the largest and most robust is Indeed. The website is a job aggregator that potential employees can browse to learn more about your open positions. It can prescreen your candidates based on the skills and experience that you are interested in.

In addition, Indeed lets you see full resumes for the applicants so you can easily determine whether they are a good fit. When posting a job, you can add a description, information about the company, salary ranges, and more. Applicants can reach out to you to apply or ask any further questions.


As far as applicant tracking software goes, the biggest name in the space is ICIMS. It’s designed for global businesses and features a huge number of options to manage candidates from start to finish. It tracks applicants by both previous and current applications and provides a way to engage and hire top talent.

ICIMS is web-based and has features like onboarding, talent sourcing, offer management, and social recruiting. It hits a lot of the most important recruiting types in a single piece of software. It’s primarily designed for mid to large companies who require the regular use of an ATS. 


Powered by AI, SmashFlyX is an excellent option for a recruitment CRM. Due to the innovative technology, this recruiting tool can find candidates on its own. Add in the requirements you have for new talent and candidates will be segmented into various pipelines to streamline the process. The candidates’ records and data can be used to create campaigns based on how they interact with your company.

In addition to being a top CRM software, SmashFlyX can also be used for other needs. It offers the option to manage events, check in on analytics, and work with referrals. CRMs like this can also integrate with your business systems like your landline service, sales software and more. The automation combined with marketing and data ensures your business has everything it needs to succeed.


With online interviews more common than ever before, having the right video interview software can make a huge difference in the recruiting process. InterviewStream is a top option that doesn’t only create an environment for interviews. It also provides interview prep, scheduling, and building features.

The interview builder lets you create questions to ask so the actual interview is easy to hold. The scheduler cuts down on time back and forth choosing a time to speak with a candidate. Then, the interview connect feature lets you have an online real-time interview with an applicant no matter where they are. One-way interviews are also facilitated when you want to learn more about a candidate without being present.


Potential employees are often on the move, which makes mobile-first technology a huge plus in recruitment. Traitify is a recruitment assessment tool that puts that front and center to give you crucial information about applicants. Rather than sitting down with pen and paper and filling in dots or writing words for 30 minutes to an hour, Traitify cuts the process down to just a few minutes.

It acts as a visual test that gathers hundreds of personality points faster than traditional assessments and can be taken from a phone or tablet. It allows you to prioritize the applicants who have the scores that matter to your company. You can focus on skills without any bias. It also helps segment your talent pool and connect better with candidates.

Final Thoughts on the Best Recruiting Tools

With the top current recruiting platforms, you can select and use the ones that meet your needs. Everytalent lets you find the candidates, better understand their skills, and communicate with them. Fill in the gaps with other software and websites to ensure your recruiting process is the best it can be.